How to Find a Job

The Work in Ireland team are here to assist you in your job search, from creating your tailored CV to interview preparation we are with you every step of the way. It is a good idea to start your research into the jobs market before your departure. Ireland is competitive country so be prepared to work hard!

Your USIT Work in Ireland arrival orientation will provide you with detailed information on looking for a job in Dublin and beyond, tips on cultural differences, dress codes and interviewing skills, and ways to make the most of your time living and working in Ireland. The orientation handbook is a must for all participants who want to make the most of their experience, so don’t miss it.

The USIT office in Dublin serves as a hub of support and encouragement for Work in Ireland Program participants throughout their stay, so get to know the team and drop in often! You can avail of internet access, printing facilities, jobs and housing notices, and on-going support while you are living and working in Ireland.

The following steps are mains ones to following in order to find a job in Ireland:

  1. When you book the program you will receive access to the recruitment data base. This is a great place to start your search, connect with companies and build your employment network before you even arrive in the country.
  2. The main way to find jobs in Ireland is through job searching websites. These are websites where you can search jobs by job type, location and industry. They include the following:
  3. An alternative option is to go through recruiters and recruiting websites (which are very similar to job searching website). You can contact a recruiter directly or apply for a job on their website and they will contact you.
  4. Apply directly on the website of a company you are interested in. If you have a company in mind, be sure to keep an eye in their website for job opportunities.
  5. Walk in. A lot of retail and service based job will have ‘Help Wanted’ signs up in their windows. Simply walk in with your resume and positive attitude!
  6. LinkedIn Job Search is a great job for finding out information and applying for jobs within a wide variety of sectors across the country.

We encourage you to start your research into possible employment opportunities before you leave home. You can monitor jobs, save jobs and connect with potential employers or important contacts.

You may also apply for positions prior to your arrival in Ireland but please always be mindful of time differences when arranging phone calls or skype interviews.