Cost of Living

One aspect of living and working in Ireland that can differ greatly from your home country is the cost of living in Ireland. The amount you spend on a daily basis – from public transportation to groceries to a night out – can be significantly higher or lower, depending on where you are coming from. You’ll also notice a difference between the cost of living in Irish cities and the cost of living in smaller towns.

Currently, the cost of living in Ireland is 2.80% higher than the USA, excluding rent. Rent is on average 0.56% lower that it is in the USA.

Rent Prices in Canada are 25.19% lower than in Ireland.

Rent Prices in Sydney Australia are 32.89% higher than in Dublin, Ireland.

Average rent in the city centre€1080 per month
Average rent outside the city centre€880 per month
Utility Bills€150 per month
Restaurant€20 for an average quality meal
Entertainment€10 cinema trip
€15 theatre trip
Transport€100 Monthly Pass
Phone Bill€30 per month
Gym Membership€50 per month
Groceries€50 per week
Bottled Water€2
Cup of Coffee€2.80
Laundry Service€7.00
Nightclub Entries€10

How much to bring

You will need to show proof of funds of €1500 at Immigration and Customs. However, we would strongly suggest bringing €2500 to cover you for the first couple of weeks in Ireland. Getting settled can take time and be stressful, so it is better to be financially secure for your first couple of weeks.

Please also be aware that you will need to show proof of $4000 for your local embassy. A credit card in your name that allows access to this amount may also be accepted. This is to highlight that in the event of emergency you have access to sufficient funds.