Best Time of Year to Travel


The summer months are ideal as this allows you to prepare and apply for a surplus of jobs that arise in September.

Accommodation generally frees up in May as many students move back to their family homes for the summer months.

You are here during our short period of good weather and it is therefore ideal to travel our beautiful island.

There are so many spectacular festivals that happen across the country during the summer months. Sea sessions, Electric Picnic, Longitude and Forbidden Fruit are the ideal way to spend a summer weekend.

There is no place quite like Ireland in the sun!


Ireland enjoys a moderate climate, so it rarely experiences extreme cold or extreme heat this means the winter is manageable and bearable throughout the country.

Christmas time in Ireland is always magical. We don’t do things by half in Ireland and we tend to go all out with our festivities and decorations.

Winter is a great time to secure hospitality and retail jobs as this sector booms during these months as party season gets into full swing.

In autumn, our glorious green landscape gets a colour burst from the leaf fall making the countryside even more scenic.