Benefits of the Program

Support and Advice

The Work in Ireland team offers constant support and advice on any issues you may have during your stay here. From the visa application, to setting up a bank account, finding your new home and securing your first paycheque in your new job we are there to help with every step!


With USIT’s Work in Ireland program you can take up any job in any industry, anywhere in Ireland. The Work in Ireland team are on hand to assist you in your job search and provide support through the process to ensure you get a job that is your perfect fit.

Local Knowledge and Expertise

Work in Ireland provides orientation upon arrival to explain all you need to know about living and working in Ireland. We know the lay of the land and can help you find your way around, meet new friends and settle in as one of our own!


We provide a variety of social events from day tours to the Cliffs of Moher to after work drinks, to help you meet fellow participants and Irish people alike.

Current/Past Participants

We can put you in contact with past and current participants of the program so you can get non-biased information about living and working in Ireland. Who knows, they may even end up being your new roommates!


As citizens of such a small island, everyone knows everyone, therefore, we may know the perfect person to connect you with in terms of career networking, looking for a roommate or simply to grab a pint with!

No silly questions

We operate email and phone assistance before your arrival as well as on the ground and we follow the policy of there is no such thing as a silly question. Throw all your queries and worries at us and let us do the stressing for you!