Terms and Conditions

The following constitutes the terms and conditions of contract for the Work in Ireland Programme between you and USIT Ireland Ltd. and is subject to such terms and conditions of carriage of any other suppliers. Please read the details carefully Agreement: when you make an application, you accept the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and USIT. The laws of the Republic of Ireland apply to this agreement.

All participants must be at least 18 years old and reach the eligibility requirements for the visa they intend to travel and stay in Ireland with.

Participants understand that the Irish embassies and consulates have final say in their eligibility for working holiday authorisation and that USIT cannot interfere or override their decisions.

Participants understand that it is their own responsibility to ensure that they comply with the passport, visa and health requirements of their destination and of any stop-over points. They understand that it is recommended that their passport be valid for at least 12 months after the end of their work permit. Full name as on passport must be used on the application form and in subsequent enquiries relating to their application.

Participants understand that they are responsible for finding their own job and housing and that Work in Ireland/USIT are in no way responsible for work/accommodation arrangements. Failure to find suitable employment /accommodation will not render participants eligible for a refund if they must shorten their trip for any reason.

Work in Ireland/USIT, as part of the services offered with its Work in Ireland program can source suitable employment positions for participants, but it in no way guarantees that participants will receive an offer of employment as a result of the Work In Ireland employment sourcing services.

Work in Ireland/USIT are not responsible for any breach of contractual conditions between employer and participant, and any legal rights or redress the participant may have should be directed to their employer and are subject to the laws of Ireland.

Participants have noted on their application the exact date that they would like their work period to begin (in the space called "Expected Arrival Date in Ireland").

Participants recognise that any false declaration or the submission of inaccurate documents will result in the forfeiture of a place in the Work in Ireland program, with no entitlement to a refund of any program fees or other expenditures. Only complete and correct application forms which are accompanied by the additional information as specified in the how to apply page and the receipt confirmation email can be accepted.

Participants understand that they are subject to local laws and regulations during their Work in Ireland program and that if they break any local laws during their stay overseas they can be subject to local disciplinary and judicial procedures and this will, without exception, render them invalid for participation in the WII program. Work in Ireland/USIT hereby reserve the right to withdraw the services here under should participants fail to comply with local laws, regulations or any of the terms and conditions of the Work in Ireland Program.

The issuance of a participant’s subsequent final Work Authorisation is at the discretion of the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). USIT cannot accept any responsibility should participants be refused by the GNIB.

Participants understand that their work authorisation is valid only for the duration stated on their GNIB for Non-EU citizens and participants agree to abide by the program conditions and agree to leave Ireland at the end of the program. EU Citizens are permitted to stay indefinitely.

Participants understand that the application process takes approximately 8 weeks from the date Work in Ireland/USIT receives their complete application. Any changes in personal details or address while their application is being processed must be notified to Work in Ireland/USIT immediately. Work In Ireland/USIT will not issue Letter of Eligibility and documents until all required application documents have been received.

Participants understand that they must submit their documents to the Irish embassy or consulate minimum 6-8 weeks prior to their departure. Work in Ireland/USIT cannot be held responsible for delayed work permits issued by the Embassy or consulates.

Visa processing and fees for 12 month program (U.S. citizens) cost approx. $360 and must be paid directly to your local Irish Embassy/Consulate.

Program fees quoted on the Work in Ireland/USIT website are valid as of the time of input, but are subject to change at any time without notice. The program fee payable by participants will be confirmed at the time of processing their application.

When participants register online for the Work in Ireland/USIT Program, their completed registration form must be accompanied by the non-refundable program fee and must be made by one of the agreed methods - Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) to make this agreement binding.

Balance is due to be paid in full 90 days prior to your arrival date. USIT/Work in Ireland will charge you a late fee of $100 if the balance has not been paid 90 days prior to your arrival date.

The receipt of a participant’s online application does not indicate final approval either by Work in Ireland/USIT or the Embassies or consulates Ireland.

Participants will be required to attend mandatory orientation sessions as part of their program once they arrive to Ireland. It is the participant’s responsibility to make contact with Work in Ireland/USIT to book their place in an available orientation slot.

Participants understand that if they cancel from the program any moneys paid are non-refundable. However, if the participant can show that they are not eligible for the program or their visa application has been rejected by the consulate or local embassy Work in Ireland/USIT will consider an application for refund.

Insurance is a mandatory element of the Work in Ireland programme and all participants are required to book their comprehensive insurance policy through the Work in Ireland Programme at time of application.

If participants want to cancel their insurance policy bought through Work in Ireland/USIT, cancellation is only permitted with 14 days of their insurance policy date. Beyond this date, no refund will apply.

If participants are already in possession of a comprehensive insurance policy that they wish to use, then you must submit the policy details of this insurance cover at the time of application. Participants understand that they must be covered from the date they depart their home country until the date they return.

Work in Ireland/USIT do not accept any responsibility in any way for any accident, incident, loss of personal effects or change in personal circumstances arising at any time prior to or during a participant’s program.

Work in Ireland/USIT will do our upmost to ensure that any travel arrangements booked by participants go according to plan. However, in the unlikely event that participants have a complaint arising from this booking, please let us know. Complaints together with relevant travel documents must be made in writing to USIT, Customer Services Dept, 19-21 Aston Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland or via email to wii@usit.ie

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