Breathtaking Views

Ireland is often noted as being one of the most beautiful places on earth for its dramatic cliffs, rolling green hills and picturesque beaches!

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Vibrant Nightlife

From cosy country pubs to lively city nightclubs, there is something for everyone here!

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Growing Tech Industry

Ireland is home to an impressive list of global tech companies. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, eBay just to name a few.

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Welcoming Culture

A trip to Ireland is made special with the warmth, wit and wisdom of its people!

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What’s your 20/20 Vision?

October 15th, 2019
What’s your 20/20 Vision?

The dawn of a new year brings much in terms of hopeful promises or resolutions. Join the gym, cut back on sugar etc. We know how it goes. You start off brightly, however at some point you lose momentum and end up back where you started. It doesn’t take an Einstein to recognise that these universal resolutions tend to run ashore. As it approaches the turn of the year, to those who are ready to make a change in themselves, why not come to Ireland?

I challenge you to try and find one person who has gone travelling and returned worse off. It is by putting yourself out that you can make real changes to yourself. Forget the fad resolutions, the experience is guaranteed to develop you more than a couple of gym classes a week or some diet ever will. The time will never be right, so make that investment in yourself in the New Year. Help give yourself 20/20 vision.

Making the decision to up sticks and travel can be a difficult one.  Everyone will have their own ideas or checklists that they need to tick off. So, here is one for you. I would choose a country that consistently ranks in the top 10 of friendliest in the world. A country that is incredibly easy to travel around. A hub for emerging and global companies, where the unemployment rate is under 5%. A country with great culture and heritage, with links throughout the world. When you add the music, sport, nightlife, food, and not to forget, Guinness, it is undeniable that Ireland offers variety which very few can match. That is my own checklist and I am aware that you probably have something altogether different from my own. But come on … it doesn’t sound bad.

Credit: Lonely Planet

Additionally, in comparison to other countries, Ireland is quite small. The clear advantage being the ease of travel around the island. At any time, you are no more then a short bus/train ride away from experiencing altogether different traditions or scenery. It is not to be taken for granted the availability of adventure on your doorstep!

Credit: Trip Advisor

We enjoy the arts, especially music. You will find a diversity of acts up and down the country. Ireland also boasts a bustling festival season where you would be hard pushed to be idle any given weekend. Equally, the Irish nightlife is effervescent. We are known to be fond of a pint or two.

Credit: The Blue Light

If that is not enough, there are walks and hikes a plenty to get stuck into. A quick google search will reveal a glimpse of what’s on offer but it is guaranteed that these are appreciated better in person. What is more, if you enjoy sports, then you are in luck. Home to some of the best golf courses in Europe, Ireland has never been a more popular destination for golfers. It must also be said that the West coast is a great destination for surfers and sailors alike. Again, never a dull weekend!

Credit: The Reek District

It is no wonder that visitors become enchanted with the place. From Jonny Cash to Victoria Beckham, Ed Sheeran to Tom Cruise, all couldn’t help but fall for the charm of the emerald isle. Regardless of your interests, hobbies etc. you can be guaranteed that Ireland has a place for you. Yet words will fail to do justice to the place I call home. Nothing can compensate for first-hand experience and that is why I urge you to visit! There is no better time than the present with flights being affordable and you only getting older, really, why wouldn’t you come and visit?

Blog post by Hugo O’Connor

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