Work in Ireland: Where the grass is actually greener!

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Work in Ireland Program

Interested in coming to Ireland for a summer abroad? A semester-long working holiday? Internships in Ireland or a gap year away from home? Then we are here to help!

The opportunity to work and travel in Ireland comes once in a lifetime and this is where you can make it happen!

Providing on-the-ground support to visitors from around the globe since the 1970's, USIT is the leading youth travel organisation in Ireland with over 60 years experience leading work and travel programs.

Our local experts and dedicated Work in Ireland team will help you find your way in Ireland. We help you with all steps of the process by assisting you with the visa application to guidance on how to find the perfect home and dream job– while also providing a warm welcome with ongoing social events to help you feel at home.

As a participant in our Work in Ireland program, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive support network while you travel the country and gain valuable international work experience.

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To find out more email us your queries to wii@usit or talk to us about any information you require to begin your journey.

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