Work and Travel Ireland

Are you looking for a new adventure?

irelandLegendary hospitality, glorious countryside, a vibrant arts scene and then there's the craic – Ireland has it all. If you're interested in coming to Ireland for a summer abroad, a semester-long working holiday or a gap year away from home, Ireland is a brilliant country to do it in and USIT can help make it happen.

Providing on-the-ground support to visitors from around the globe since the 1970s, USIT is the leading youth travel organisation in Ireland. Our local experts will help you find your way in Ireland – assisting you from the visa application stage to finding housing and jobs upon arrival – while also providing a warm welcome with ongoing social events to help you feel at home.

About Program

With USIT’s Work in Ireland Program you can take up any paid job in any industry, anywhere in Ireland. Whether you land a job in hospitality in Galway, a retail setting in Cork or a multicultural office in Dublin, you’ll have the flexibility to travel the country, soak up the atmosphere of Ireland’s charming towns and cities, and discover all that the Emerald Isle has to offer – and believe us, there's a lot. 

What’s more you’ll have the rest of Europe at your doorstep and participants are encouraged to get out and explore.

Depending on your country of origin, you can apply for a 4-month, 1-year visa or 2-year working visa. Apply now to experience a working holiday in Ireland, where you’ll make new friends and memories to last a lifetime. Add shine to your resume and experience a new culture that happens to be one of the friendliest on earth. Ireland's cead mile failte (thousand welcomes) await you.

Contact the Work in Ireland team on for more information.